1. 14 May, 2019 4 commits
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      improve support for external APIs in development · edfab4e5
      Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
      The current production deployment of the lohrothek-api project is picky
      when it comes to being a PROXY_TARGET and because the production
      deployment of thekno will use an external origin anyway it’s a good idea
      to support it during development.
      Setting VUE_APP_APIORIGIN as an environment variable allows users to set
      the origin of an external API that should be used for data retrieval.
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      fix lint error · 73d3e96b
      Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
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      don’t proxy /media/ path · 34a4dab6
      Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
      This path is handled by the lohrothek-api django app.
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      add environment configuration support · da1ce8f3
      Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
      This adds limited support for environment configuration. Available
      options are outlined in the `Custom Enviroments` section in the readme.
      For now the only configurable setting is the `apiOrigin` making it
      possible to switch the origin of the thekno API without creating a
      separate build.
      Environment configuration is provided by the `/thekno-env.json`
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