Commit f5d31490 authored by Benjamin Schmid's avatar Benjamin Schmid

v.1.3.3 (2009) Make POP-Port configurable

 Author: Benjamin Schmid, March 2009
parent 13c282f3
......@@ -64,6 +64,10 @@
# Benjamin Schmid, Februrary 2009 (v.1.3.2)
# * Remove "-w" parameter to ommit annoying perl warning in line 261
# probably due to missing mail subjects/bodies
# Benjamin Schmid, March 2009 (v.1.3.3)
# * Make POP-Port configurable
use Mail::POP3Client;
use Net::SMTP;
......@@ -85,7 +89,7 @@ my ($sender,$receiver, $pophost, $popuser, $poppasswd,$keeporphaned);
my ($smtphost, $smtpuser, $smtppasswd, $smtpport);
my ($trashall,$usessl,$forgetafter);
my ($usesmtpssl,$usesmtptls);
my ($poptimeout,$smtptimeout,$pinginterval,$maxmsg)=(60,60,5,50);
my ($poptimeout, $popport, $smtptimeout,$pinginterval,$maxmsg)=(60,110,60,5,50);
my ($lostwarn, $lostcrit,$pendwarn, $pendcrit,$debug);
$debug = 0;
......@@ -95,6 +99,7 @@ my ($pop,$msgcount,@msglines,$statinfo,@messageids,$newestid);
my (%other_smtp_opts);
my ($matchcount,$statfile) = (0,"check_email_loop");
my $default_pop3_port = "110";
my $default_smtp_port = "25";
my $default_smtp_ssl_port = "465";
my $default_smtp_tls_port = "587";
......@@ -119,11 +124,12 @@ alarm($TIMEOUT);
# Evaluate Command Line Parameters
my $status = GetOptions(
"debug", \$debug,
"debug", \$debug,
......@@ -211,6 +217,7 @@ else { printd ("Retrieving POP mails from $pophost using user: $popuser and pass
$pop = Mail::POP3Client->new( HOST => $pophost,
TIMEOUT => $poptimeout,
USESSL => $usessl ,
PORT => $popport,
DEBUG => $debug ) || nsexit("POP3 connect timeout (>$poptimeout s, host: $pophost)",'CRITICAL');
......@@ -439,10 +446,11 @@ sub usage {
print "\nThe following options are available:\n";
print " -from=text email adress of send (for mail returnr on errors)\n";
print " -to=text email adress to which the mails should send to\n";
print " -pophost=text IP or name of the POP3-host to be checked\n";
print " -pophost=text IP or name of the POP3 server to be checked\n";
print " -popport=num Alternative port for POP3 server (Default 110)\n";
print " -popuser=text Username of the POP3-account\n";
print " -passwd=text Password for the POP3-user\n";
print " -poptimeout=num Timeout in seconds for the POP3-server\n";
print " -passwd=text Password for the POP3 user\n";
print " -poptimeout=num Timeout in seconds for the POP3 server\n";
print " -smtphost=text IP oder name of the SMTP host\n";
print " -smtpuser=text name of the SMTP user\n";
print " -smtppasswd=text password of the SMTP user\n";
......@@ -457,7 +465,7 @@ sub usage {
print " -lostcrit=num CRITICAL \n";
print " -pendwarn=num WARNING-state if more than num pending emails\n";
print " -pendcrit=num CRITICAL \n";
print " -maxmsg=num WARNING if more than num emails on POP3 (default 50)\n";
print " -maxmsg=num WARNING if more than num emails on POP3 (Default 50)\n";
print " -forgetafter=num Forget Pending and Lost emails after num days\n";
print " -keeporphaned Set this to NOT delete orphaned E-Mail Ping msg from POP3\n";
print " -trashall Set this to DELETE all E-Mail msg on server\n";
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