Commit 866bfb40 authored by Robert's avatar Robert

Fix ajax error

parent 4f072ca4
......@@ -9,10 +9,9 @@ from core import api
class GroupFilter(django_filters.rest_framework.FilterSet):
id = django_filters.Filter(name='id', lookup_expr='in',
name = django_filters.CharFilter(name='name', lookup_expr='icontains')
slug = django_filters.CharFilter(name='slug', lookup_expr='iexact')
id = django_filters.Filter(lookup_expr='in', widget=django_filters.widgets.CSVWidget)
name = django_filters.CharFilter(lookup_expr='icontains')
slug = django_filters.CharFilter(lookup_expr='iexact')
class Meta:
model = models.Group
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