Commit 43397d6e authored by Konrad Mohrfeldt's avatar Konrad Mohrfeldt

async is a reserved keyworld since python3.7

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......@@ -89,22 +89,22 @@ class JavaScriptAsset(Asset):
class JavaScriptReference(JavaScriptAsset):
def __init__(self, src, defer, async, stage):
def __init__(self, src, is_defer, is_async, stage):
self.src = src
self.is_absolute = _is_absolute(src)
self.defer = defer
self.async = async
self.is_defer = is_defer
self.is_async = is_async
def clean_src(self):
return _clean_source(self.src)
def create_tag(self):
return '<script src="{src}"{async}{defer}></script>'.format(
return '<script src="{src}"{is_async}{is_defer}></script>'.format(
async=(' async' if self.async else ''),
defer=(' defer' if self.defer else '')
is_async=(' async' if self.is_async else ''),
is_defer=(' defer' if self.is_defer else '')
......@@ -211,8 +211,8 @@ def add_csp_directive(directive, value):
_CSP_DIRECTIVES.append(CSPDirectiveItem(directive, value))
def add_javascript_reference(src, defer=True, async=True, stage='late'):
_ASSETS.append(JavaScriptReference(src, defer, async, stage))
def add_javascript_reference(src, is_defer=True, is_async=True, stage='late'):
_ASSETS.append(JavaScriptReference(src, is_defer, is_async, stage))
def add_javascript_inline(content, stage='late'):
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