Commit fa3f9f88 authored by Konrad Mohrfeldt's avatar Konrad Mohrfeldt Committed by Robert

make sure core/_assets.html template exists during python test runs

Even though this template is irrelevant to our python tests, our base
template includes it and every test that renders views will inevitable
fail. This is should not happen.
parent 705141ab
......@@ -38,6 +38,12 @@ test_py: virtualenv_check
echo "$$duplicate_function_names" | sed 's/^/ /g'; \
exit 1; \
fi >&2
# Our base template includes 'core/_assets.html' which is generated by 'make assets'.
# Without it any view that renders from the base template will fail when the include
# is resolved, which breaks a lot of our python-tests. As this template only includes
# asset metadata and JavaScript & CSS file references, we simply make sure that the file
# exists during the test run. The content itself is of no relevance to the python-tests.
touch core/templates/core/_assets.html
.PHONY: test_js
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