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implement profile page with saved posts

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<app-page :title="$t('profile_page_title')">
<app-page :title="$t('profile_page.title')">
<app-container class="my-5">
<app-header :title="$t('profile_page_title')"/>
<app-header :title="$t('profile_page.title')" class="mb-5"/>
<app-paginator :collection="dataSources.recordings" :min-height="300" id="saved_recordings"
:page-size="savedRecordingSize.count" :filters="savedRecordingFilters"
<template v-slot:header>
<app-header :title="$t('profile_page.saved_recordings')" :level="2" class="mb-3">
<template v-slot:default="{ items }">
<app-auto-grid :default-size="savedRecordingSize.columns" tag="ul">
<li v-for="recording in items" :key="">
<RecordingPreview :recording="recording"/>
export default {}
import RecordingPreview from '../components/model/RecordingPreview'
import { mapState } from '../store'
export default {
components: { RecordingPreview },
computed: {
bookmarks: state => state.bookmarks
savedRecordingSize () {
return {
xs: { count: 3, columns: 1 },
md: { count: 9, columns: 3 }
}[this.$mq] || { count: 12, columns: 4 }
savedRecordingFilters () {
return {
id: this.bookmarks.recordings.length > 0
? this.bookmarks.recordings.join(',')
// this id is never assigned so we can
// use it to empty the result set
: '-1'
inject: ['dataSources']
<i18n lang="yaml">
profile_page_title: Profile
profile_page.title: Profile
profile_page.saved_recordings: Saved Posts
profile_page.no_saved_recordings: >
You haven’t saved any posts yet. Show some love
and press that little heart button if you like a post! 🥰
profile_page_title: Profil
profile_page.title: Profil
profile_page.saved_recordings: Gespeicherte Beiträge
profile_page.no_saved_recordings: >
Du hast dir bisher keine Beiträge gemerkt. Zeig ein wenig Liebe
und drücke den kleinen Herz-Button, wenn dir ein Beitrag gefällt. 🥰
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