Commit 93477ab9 authored by Konrad Mohrfeldt's avatar Konrad Mohrfeldt

extend functionality of suggest-content feature

* inject labelled type into template
* fallback to address if no name has been provided
* guarantee title variable
parent 5a607c8e
......@@ -121,12 +121,23 @@ network connection you’re advised to use WebSockets if you can.
It’s hard and time-intensive to write proper descriptions for recordings.
In the spirit of open participation users can submit content via mail.
The email address the suggestion is send to.
The name displayed in the frontend where content can be suggested.
Falls back to `suggestContent.address` if not provided.
The email address the suggestion is send to.
A template for the message subject. Variables are interpolated
within curly brackets. Guaranteed variables are `title` and `type`.
See the example for a better understanding.
A simple key-value mapping for a type key (one of `broadcast `,
`recording`, `series`, and `tag`) to a label. This is used
to inject a localized `type` variable into the subject template
(see option above).
### User OS Integration
......@@ -235,9 +246,14 @@ experience on various platforms.
"suggestContent": {
"subject": "Beschreibungsvorschlag für \"{title}\"",
"name": "",
"address": ""
"address": "",
"subjectTemplate": "Beschreibungsvorschlag für {type} \"{title}\"",
"typeMapping": {
"broadcast": "die Sendung",
"recording": "den Beitrag",
"series": "die Sendereihe",
"tag": "das Schlagwort"
"integration": {
"splashBackground": "#fff",
......@@ -13,15 +13,17 @@
export default {
props: {
missingTextTranslationKey: String,
context: Object
context: Object,
type: String
computed: {
suggestData () {
const { suggestContent: suggest } = this.env
if (suggest) {
const subject = renderSimpleTemplateString(suggest.subject, this.context)
const type = suggest.typeMapping ? suggest.typeMapping[this.type] || this.type : this.type
const subject = renderSimpleTemplateString(suggest.subjectTemplate, { ...this.context, type })
return {
suggest_name: || suggest.address,
suggest_address: `mailto:${suggest.address}?subject=${encodeURIComponent(subject)}`
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
<div class="mb-2">
<app-markdown v-if="recording.description">{{ recording.description }}</app-markdown>
<SuggestContent v-else missing-text-translation-key="recording_page.missing_description"
:context="recording" type="recording"/>
<ul class="d-inline hyphens ma-0 pa-0 opaque-7">
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