Commit 30691fbe authored by Konrad Mohrfeldt's avatar Konrad Mohrfeldt

add broadcast preview component

parent 3058f708
<app-card :title="broadcast.subtitle ||" :description="description" :image="coverImage">
<template v-slot:footer>
<div class="f-1 opaque-7 mt-1">
<app-time :date="new Date(broadcast.start_time)" use-exact
import { imageUrl } from './mixins'
export default {
mixins: [
imageUrl('series', 'cover_image', 'seriesCoverImage'),
imageUrl('broadcast', 'cover_image', 'broadcastCoverImage')
props: {
broadcast: Object,
series: Object
computed: {
coverImage () {
return {
src: this.broadcastCoverImage || this.seriesCoverImage,
size: 72,
autoSize: true,
aspectRatio: 1,
contain: true
description () {
return this.broadcast.description || this.$t('broadcast_preview.no_description')
inject: ['dataSources']
<i18n lang="yaml">
broadcast_preview.no_description: No description available.
broadcast_preview.start_time: Start of program
broadcast_preview.no_description: Keine Beschreibung verfügbar.
broadcast_preview.start_time: Sendungsbeginn
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