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    finalize debian package. refs #87 · 2c1e1d96
    Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
    * Add missing deb package maintainer
    * Add missing deb package descriptions
    * Add missing build-dependencies
    * Add missing runtime dependencies for lohrothek-backend
    * Fix Vcs-* field values
    * Add docs and examples for lohrothek-backend package
    * Don’t install local_settings.py directly to /etc/lohrothek
      as that will create update conflicts. Instead install it
      as .dist file so users can copy it.
    * Add deb package lifecycle scripts for lohrothek-backend. These
      will handle automatic migrations and uwsgi application server
      reloads among other things.
    * Add configuration files uWSGI application server and NGINX
      web server.
    * Set fixed versions for most of the dependencies in requirements.
      This serves two purposes:
        1. Specific version requirements are introduced for dependencies
           that are available in Debian Buster and are recent enough for
           us to be useful. Enforcing a specific version makes sure that
           we don’t inadvertently upgrade to a newer version during
           development and keeps the number of packages in our
           virtualenv down to a minimum. This way we get the most out
           of Debian’s security updates.
       2.  Packages with a version range requirement are available in
           Debian but are outdated. By requiring a more recent version
           dh_virtualenv knows that it has integrate the package into
           our virtualenv even though it is available on the system.
      Packages with no version requirement are not available in Debian.
      In this case dh_virtualenv will always install the most recent
      version. This is probably the best option with regard to security
      but has obvious drawbacks when it comes to reproducible builds
      as two builds with the same codebase will produce different deb
      packages at two given points in time.
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