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      Update DEPLOYMENT.md · 3ee380c3
      Matthias authored
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      updated radio program fixture · 04c43ef0
      Matthias Prellwitz authored
      radio program now with teaser and/or descrption as well as references to
      internal/external websites/email
      generated with cmd:
      python3 manage.py dumpdata --settings=lohrothek.local_settings
      --settings=lohrothek.settings --indent 4 program.RadioProgram
      program.RadioProgramReference program.BroadcastTemplate
      program.BroadcastRepeatTemplate > scripts/program_fixture.json
      apply with cmd:
      python3 manage.py loaddata scripts/program_fixture.json
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      references model for radio programs · 2f1f0157
      Matthias Prellwitz authored
      erlaubt zu jeder sendereihe verweise zu setzen auf webseiten, emails,
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  11. 21 May, 2019 5 commits
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      fix migration ci bugs caused by sqlite · 283ff04f
      Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
      some migrations use features only available in more recent
      versions of sqlite.
      debian stretch ships a rather old version of sqlite by default, but
      a newer one is available from backports. as stretch will be
      superseded in the coming 2-3 months, there is not point in
      maintaining explicit compatibility with the old sqlite version.
      so this change and 0f8947fa
      effectively makes sqlite 3.26+ a required version for anyone
      who wants to use sqlite during development or production.
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      fix infinite migration generation. fixes #70 · 0f8947fa
      Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
      This was caused by renaming the `AudioFile` model to `Audiofile` and
      only got worse with each new ForeignKey relation to `Audiofile`.
      This is a bug in Django:
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      return transcoded formats in API · bf107fae
      Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
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      refactor transcode command · 5e9c82a0
      Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
      * move transcode logic into processing module
        to make it reusable
      * use sql query instead of python code for filtering audio files
        to improve performance
      * show progress during transcoding when tqdm library is available
        and has not been supressed by a non-tty stdout or by explicitly
        passing the --no-progress option
      * add option to just show audio files that are not transcoded
      * add optional positional file ids to only transcode one or
        more, but not all audio files in database
      * transcode formats are now configurable in settings
      * fix: don’t attach transcoded audio files to report.
             transcoded files do not represent new content but just
             the same content in a different format.
      * fix: container can be null for raw-data-streams like mp3
      * fix: sample_rate may change after encoding and it may
             be null for formats unsupported by mutagen (opus).
      * fix: add container/codec data for existing mp3 files.
      * fix: increase audio file name max length.
             audio file names may exceed django’s default limit
      * fix: use project setting ffmpeg binary
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