1. 30 Aug, 2021 5 commits
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      disable apt default release config in bullseye · 280b38c1
      Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
      Setting APT::Default-Release in bullseye currently triggers a dependency
      resolution error for perl-base and seems to withhold packages from
      debian security. We’ve set this configuration option in the past to
      prevent unintentional package updates to newer versions if they weren’t
      required (i.e. when installing from backports or even testing). The
      current behaviour is neither expected nor helpful and merits further
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      add default build user for simplified debugging · 93daf9ca
      Konrad Mohrfeldt authored
      It’s often helpful to do something like
      	docker run --volume "$(pwd):/code" -it my-docker-image
      to run code from the local project. Unfortunately this often means
      that this code is executed as root and all files that are created along
      with it are owned by root. This clutters local directories and users
      often have to delete these files as root. By adding a build user that
      maps to uid/gid 1000 this problem is solved for most scenarios in which
      the local user has that same uid/gid.
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      add shellcheck as base dependency · 7f08caa1
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      fix: typo · 5774470c
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      Merge branch 'bullseye' into 'master' · aaf47dbc
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      bullseye for all, readme Fix, docker-logout
      See merge request !2
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