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docs(oauth): describe OIDC configuration for matrix_chat

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......@@ -89,3 +89,40 @@ in your grouprise settings file (e.g. `/etc/grouprise/`):
`select token from access_tokens where user_id='@USERNAME:MATRIX_DOMAIN';`.
* `ADMIN_API_URL`: An API URL of the Matrix instance, which accepts Synapse admin requests
(e.g. `/_synapse/admin`). Defaults to `http://localhost:8008`.
# OIDC setup
* `apt install python3-authlib`
* matrix-synapse requires this module, if OIDC is enabled
* `apt install python3-django-oauth-toolkit`
* TODO: sadly v1.5.0 (required for OIDC) is not part of Debian at the moment
* create an OAuth application via Django's admin interface (`/stadt/admin`):
* User: empty
* Redirect URL: ``
* Client Type: *confidential*
* Authorization Type: Authorization Code
* Name: *matrix_chat*
* Skip Authorization: true
* Algorithm: RSA
* matrix-synapse configuration:
- idp_id: example
discover: true
issuer: ""
client_auth_method: client_secret_post
scopes: ["openid"]
skip_verification: true
subject_claim: "id"
localpart_template: "{{ }}"
display_name_template: "{{ user.display_name }}"
email_template: "{{ }}"
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