Commit a5b4ee53 authored by Lars Kruse's avatar Lars Kruse Committed by Robert
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mail handling: unify postprocessing for both import interfaces

Additionally text signatures are removed now.
parent 693addca
......@@ -98,6 +98,30 @@ class ParsedMailMessage(collections.namedtuple(
MISSING_SUBJECT_DEFAULT = 'Namenlose Nachricht'
def get_processed_content(cls, content, is_html):
# handle None gracefully
if not content:
content = ''
# unify line splits
content = content.replace('\r\n', '\n')
if is_html:
# convert html to markdown
content = html2text.html2text(content)
# text may contain an embedded signature - remove it
signature_position = content.find(cls.SIGNATURE_TEXT_MARKER)
if signature_position > 0:
content = content[:signature_position]
# strip needs to happen after operations involving linebreaks (e.g. the signature)
# We can strip all whitespace at the end.
content = content.rstrip()
# At the beginning we want to keep whitespace (except for empty lines), since the text
# could start with a markdown item list (' * foo\n * bar').
content = content.lstrip('\n')
return content
def from_django_mailbox_message(cls, message):
......@@ -112,11 +136,8 @@ class ParsedMailMessage(collections.namedtuple(
attachment_header.get_filename(), None,
if message.text:
text_content = message.text
text_content = html2text.html2text(message.html or "")
return cls(message.subject or cls.MISSING_SUBJECT_DEFAULT, text_content.strip(),
text_content = cls.get_processed_content(message.html or message.text, bool(message.html))
return cls(message.subject or cls.MISSING_SUBJECT_DEFAULT, text_content,
message.to_addresses, from_address, message.get_email_object(),,
......@@ -138,12 +159,10 @@ class ParsedMailMessage(collections.namedtuple(
attachments = ()
# parse and convert the body_part (containing the text or html message)
data = body_part.get_payload(decode=True)
content = data.decode().strip() if data else ""
if body_part.get_content_type() == "text/html":
text_content = html2text.html2text(content)
text_content = content
return cls(email_obj.get('Subject') or cls.MISSING_SUBJECT_DEFAULT, text_content.strip(),
content = data.decode().strip() if data else ''
text_content = cls.get_processed_content(content,
body_part.get_content_type() == 'text/html')
return cls(email_obj.get('Subject') or cls.MISSING_SUBJECT_DEFAULT, text_content,
email_obj.get_all('To'), from_address, email_obj,
email_obj.get('Message-ID'), attachments)
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