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feat(matrix_chat): implement grouprise-based authentication module for matrix-synapse

This module can be configured in a matrix-synapse server.  It allows to
use the grouprise user database (and credentials) for authentication
against the matrix-synapse instance.

The module requires (by design), that matrix-synapse and grouprise run
on the same host.  This is obviously quite cumbersome.
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Authentication module for using a grouprise instance as the authentication handler for
a matrix-synapse server.
Please note: the grouprise instance must run on the same host as the matrix-synapse server.
This authentication module uses the Django mechanism for loading the grouprise configuration.
Thus at least the full set of dependencies for grouprise as well as the grouprise configuration
file must be available.
Grouprise does not offer any remote authentication mechanism, thus there is no way to work around
this limitation.
* grouprise and Django (as well as all dependencies) need to be available within matrix-synapse,
thus the following environment setting (in /etc/default/matrix-synapse) is necessary:
* specify the authentication backend (somewhere below /etc/matrix-synapse/conf.d/):
- module: "grouprise.auth.matrix_synapse_auth_grouprise.GroupriseAuthProvider"
enabled: true
settings_filename: /etc/grouprise/
* allow the matrix user to read the grouprise configuration:
chmod 644 /etc/grouprise/
import importlib
import logging
import types
import django
import django.conf
from django.contrib.auth import authenticate
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class ConfigurationError(Exception):
""" Any kind of problem related to loading and using the configuration """
def _load_grouprise_configuration(filename):
spec = importlib.util.spec_from_file_location("grouprise_settings", filename)
grouprise_settings = importlib.util.module_from_spec(spec)
except ImportError as exc:
raise ConfigurationError(
"Failed to load module for grouprise authentication: {}".format(exc)
settings_dict = {}
for key in dir(grouprise_settings):
value = getattr(grouprise_settings, key)
if key.startswith("_"):
if isinstance(value, types.ModuleType):
settings_dict[key] = value
return grouprise_settings
class GroupriseAuthProvider:
def __init__(self, config, account_handler):
self.account_handler = account_handler
if not hasattr(config, "settings_filename"):
raise ConfigurationError(
"Grouprise authentication requires 'settings_filename'"
settings_filename = config.settings_filename
self.grouprise_settings = _load_grouprise_configuration(settings_filename)
def parse_config(config):
class _Config:
result = _Config()
result.settings_filename = config.get(
"settings_filename", "/etc/"
return result
def get_supported_login_types(self):
return {"m.login.password": ("password",)}
def _authenticate_email(self, email_address, password):
# this import may not happen before the django configuration
from grouprise.features.gestalten.models import Gestalt
email_user = Gestalt.objects.get_by_email(email_address).user
except Gestalt.DoesNotExist:
return None
return authenticate(username=email_user.username, password=password)
async def check_auth(self, username, login_type, login_dict):
"""Attempt to authenticate a user against a grouprise instance
and register an account if none exists.
Canonical user ID if authentication against grouprise was successful
# tolerate a matrix ID and extract its local part
if username.startswith("@") and ":" in username:
# username is given as a matrix ID (
username = username.split(":", 1)[0][1:]
password = login_dict["password"]
# try to authenticate the user by its username
user = authenticate(username=username, password=password)
if (user is None) and ("@" in username):
# try to authenticate the user belonging to this email address
user = self._authenticate_email(username, password)
if user is None:
return False
return await self.register_user_if_not_exists(user)
async def check_3pid_auth(self, medium, address, password):
if medium != "email":
return False
user = self._authenticate_email(address, password)
if user is None:
return False
return await self.register_user_if_not_exists(user)
async def register_user_if_not_exists(self, grouprise_user):
"""Register a Synapse user, first checking if they exist.
localpart (str): Localpart of the user to register on this homeserver.
name (str): Full name of the user.
email_address (str): Email address of the user.
user_id (str): User ID of the newly registered user.
localpart = grouprise_user.username
name =
email_address =
# The grouprise user name is used as the local part of the Matrix ID.
if await self.account_handler.check_user_exists(localpart):
return localpart
# Get full user id from localpart
user_id = self.account_handler.get_qualified_user_id(localpart)
if await self.account_handler.check_user_exists(user_id):
# exists, authentication complete
return user_id
# create the matrix user
emails = [email_address] if email_address is not None else []
user_id, access_token = await self.account_handler.register(
)"Registration based on Grouprise was successful: %s", user_id)
return user_id
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