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Commit 1ca91862 authored by Lars Kruse's avatar Lars Kruse
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mail handling: enable cron jobs for now

This reverses 9639d6e1. The cron job can stay enabled, until the SMTP
server delivery setup is migrated. The cron job can cause no harm.
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# process incoming mails (disabled by default because we use LMTP daemon since grouprise 2.3)
# */3 * * * * root chronic sh -c 'stadtctl getmail 2>&1 | grep -vE "^(INFO:|WARNING:django_mailbox.models:.*content-transfer-encoding)"'
# process incoming mails
# The LMTP daemon (since grouprise 2.3) is supposed to handle incoming mail in the future.
# This requires changes of the SMTP server setup. We will start with single recipient groups, until
# all traffic is handled by LMTP.
*/3 * * * * root chronic sh -c 'stadtctl getmail 2>&1 | grep -vE "^(INFO:|WARNING:django_mailbox.models:.*content-transfer-encoding)"'
# calculate scores for groups and users
23 * * * * root chronic stadtctl update_scores
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